Agency Contacts

City of Minneapolis
Contact Person: Kailleen Perez Garcia
350 5th Street South, Room 239
Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 299-2652 | Email | Website
Metropolitan Airports Comission
Contact Person: Jeffrey Weinhagen
6040 28th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55450
(612) 726-8193 | Email | Website
Metropolitan Council
Contact Person: Eli Brandenburg
390 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55101
(612) 900-8570 | Email | Website
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Contact Person: Emma Fletcher
395 John Ireland Blvd. M.S. 170
St. Paul, MN 55155
(612) 751-8236 | Email | Website
If you would like contact information for other members of the MNUCP see our MNUCP Committee Contact List.

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Certification Questions for Applicants:
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Online DBE Application Questions:
Contact Person: Jeffrey Weinhagen   (612) 726-8193 |  Email

Project Questions, including payment or retainage questions:
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Certification Questions for Currently Certified DBE's:
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MNUCP Website or DBE Directory Questions:
Contact Person: Megan Solberg  (651) 602-1406 |  Email